The Plight of the Busy GM

D&D! Tabletop RPGs! The resurgence is here. Maybe you played the game as a kid – maybe you’re discovering it for the first time. The problem is – everyone is so busy!

Busy people, I’m talking to you.

  • You keep starting in campaigns, but the groups fall apart in a session or three.
  • You try to run a campaign but the prep is overwhelming! DM burnout sets in and it all falls apart.
  • Everyone is super motivated, you all want to play…but no one’s schedules align for any longer than once in a blue moon.

Sound familiar? This is the curse of the busy person. How can we fix it?

I’m busy. I have a full time job, hobbies, exhaustion, a young child, a wife, friends and all the other things that come with general responsibility. My gaming time is shoehorned in. But I crave D&D and RPGs – just like you might. I spent years waiting for the perfect group to come along, or one to hold together, but it never happened. They kept falling apart or going stagnant.

Finally, I decided it was time to run my own game, my own way – to take some tips and ideas and put them together into my own stable and fun game. And so far it’s worked! I’ve done it now in 2 cities, games that held together and ran with less prep than ever before.

This site will be dedicated to collecting my thoughts on this experiment, this style of play, and sharing them with you. Perhaps we can make it better together. Perhaps the lessons I go through will help you too run a game for busy people.

I don’t believe zero-prep is really possible, but low-prep, high fun games are absolutely achievable. I hope the things I say will help you! I’ll share the tools I use, the frameworks that help me, and the products that save my time and my effort. I’ll talk about what makes running the game as enjoyable as playing the game (and why those aren’t actually different things).

Furthermore I’ll talk about systems and ideas outside of D&D that can make games less work and more fun. I’ll help you find resources that will fast-track your sessions to success. And I hope to highlight smaller creators in the community that are absolute stars in their own right.

Join me on this continuing journey!

— The Busy Wyvern

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