Crowdfunding Spotlight: Secrets of the Sylvera Academy

Product: Secrets of the Sylvera Academy (Kickstarter)Author: W. Adam ClarkePublisher: Single Step GamingSystem: Dungeons & Dragons 5eSummary: From the Kickstarter – The Secrets of the Sylvera Academy is a 5E Compatible source for new spells with new art, fiction, & EIGHTY NEW SPELLS levels C to 9Pledge Tiers: From $5 up to $100Kickstarter Ends: AprilContinue reading “Crowdfunding Spotlight: Secrets of the Sylvera Academy”

Review: The Game Master’s Book of Traps, Puzzles and Dungeons (5e)

Product: The Game Master’s Book of Traps, Puzzles and Dungeons (Print) (PDF)Author: Jeff AshworthPublisher: Jeff AshworthSystem: 5e, but can be used for inspiration in almost any systemSummary: The Game Master’s Book of Traps, Puzzles and Dungeons provides GMs with endless options for populating their adventures with challenging riddles, puzzles, spiked pits, Rube Goldberg-style deathtraps andContinue reading “Review: The Game Master’s Book of Traps, Puzzles and Dungeons (5e)”

3 Better Ways to Monetize D&D Than OGL 1.1

We won’t say much about OGL 1.1 here – but suffice it to say, we stand with the creators who use OGL 1.0a, entirely and with no caveats. We see OGL 1.1 as an attack on the D&D creator community, and it is untenable as a license. OGL 1.1 is clearly part of the strategyContinue reading “3 Better Ways to Monetize D&D Than OGL 1.1”

Let’s Build a Heist, Part 3

Running the Heist Now that everything was prepped, it was time to Do the Thing – run the heist. Immediately upon understanding the task at hand, the players started to plan. Within seconds – and many experienced GM’s can see this immediately – analysis paralysis started to form. Multiple players started trying to plan forContinue reading “Let’s Build a Heist, Part 3”

Let’s Build a Heist, Part 2

Now that we understand what a heist is, and how we want it to work in-game, let’s flesh out the heist a bit. Location Of course we need the heist to actually be somewhere. The story is that there is a shipment of magical weapons coming into town, so the logical choice is a warehouse.Continue reading “Let’s Build a Heist, Part 2”

Let’s Build a Heist, Part 1

My players have found themselves with an opportunity – to steal a shipment of magical weapons, denying the power-hungry mayor of Dulwich a chance to shift the balance of power in the town in his favor. The local guilds and he are at odds of late. The PCs have had some unpleasant personal experiences withContinue reading “Let’s Build a Heist, Part 1”

Review: Campfire (5e)

Supplement: CampfireAuthor: Matthew RossPublisher: Abyssal BrewsSystem: Dungeons & Dragons (5e)Summary: Campfire is an elegant travel system created for D&D Fifth Edition. It provides a middle-ground between simply montaging travel and rolling for encounters on a table. It focuses on interesting skill usage, roleplay, and meaningful windfalls and hardships that last after travel. The system can resolve any travel inContinue reading “Review: Campfire (5e)”

Review: Watchers in the Dark (5e)

Adventure: Watchers in the DarkAuthor: Kelsey DionnePublisher: The Arcane LibrarySystem: Dungeons & Dragons (5e)Summary: A meteorite has crashed into the countryside, and now vicious enemies prowl the night. Can the characters put a stop to the sinister force that is causing savage animal attacks and a growing list of missing people?Snap Judgement for Busy Wyverns: High-QualityContinue reading “Review: Watchers in the Dark (5e)”

Review: The Game Master’s Book of Random Encounters (5e)

Product: The Game Master’s Book of Random Encounters (Print) (PDF)Author: Jeff AshworthPublisher: Jeff AshworthSystem: 5e, but can be used for inspiration in almost any systemSummary: Eight one-shot adventures, a Random NPC generator, d100 tables for curses, dreams, party connections and more – as well as 500 maps, story hooks, and even more ways to spark your creativity atContinue reading “Review: The Game Master’s Book of Random Encounters (5e)”

The Unrepeatable Success of Critical Role

Critical Role is the most popular Actual Play series of D&D in the English language. It’s rise perfectly tracks the current resurgence and boom of D&D – the point where it’s hard to even separate the fates of the two. Did one spur the other? Is it the other way around? Does it even matter?Continue reading “The Unrepeatable Success of Critical Role”