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Let’s Create a Cult – Followers of the Black Glade

To get a taste of what you can create with The Ultimate Guide to Remarkable Cults & Their Followers, let’s use their cult creation tables to create a unique cult. This will give you a really good sense of how detailed and comprehensive this books is when it comes to cult creation! Step 1: Organization…

Review: The Ultimate Guide to Remarkable Cults & Their Followers (System Neutral)

Product: The Ultimate Guide to Remarkable Cults & Their Followers (PDF & Hardcover)Author: JVC Parry, Jeff Lee, RP DavisPublisher: LoresmythSystem: None/System NeutralSummary: Remarkable Cults & Their Followers is the ultimate GM guide on roleplaying evil fantasy factions. This system-neutral sourcebook is compatible with any fantasy roleplaying game ruleset and contains everything you need to create and…

Review: A Major Minor Problem (Cypher System)

Product: A Major Minor Problem (PDF)Author: H. OsbornePublisher: Unformed WorldsSystem: Cypher SystemSummary: Step aboard the Desperate Measures in A Major Minor Problem, our second sci-fi adventure.  In this two-sided adventure, you can choose to play as the capable crew of the Desperate Measures or as a group of resourceful young privateers striving to save their world. Will you discover the truth in time to stop an…

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