Comparing 5e Creatures to Cypher System

With all the excitement around trying out new systems, many groups and GMs are going through a crash course or steep learning curve this week. If you’re transitioning from 5e to Cypher System, particularly if you’re trying to continue an existing campaign or adapt a 5e resource you already have, at some point you’ll haveContinue reading “Comparing 5e Creatures to Cypher System”

3 Better Ways to Monetize D&D Than OGL 1.1

We won’t say much about OGL 1.1 here – but suffice it to say, we stand with the creators who use OGL 1.0a, entirely and with no caveats. We see OGL 1.1 as an attack on the D&D creator community, and it is untenable as a license. OGL 1.1 is clearly part of the strategyContinue reading “3 Better Ways to Monetize D&D Than OGL 1.1”

Is Your Game a Prophecy, or a Blank Page?

Often in the RPG community we’ll see an uproar that divides everyone into camps, spawning infinite twitter threads – recent ones have been GM fudging rolls, GMs dictating scene outcomes, railroading vs. everything else, when PC deaths are acceptable, etc. and etc. Honestly, most of the disagreements are false dichotomies – there are many waysContinue reading “Is Your Game a Prophecy, or a Blank Page?”

Review: Campfire (5e)

Supplement: CampfireAuthor: Matthew RossPublisher: Abyssal BrewsSystem: Dungeons & Dragons (5e)Summary: Campfire is an elegant travel system created for D&D Fifth Edition. It provides a middle-ground between simply montaging travel and rolling for encounters on a table. It focuses on interesting skill usage, roleplay, and meaningful windfalls and hardships that last after travel. The system can resolve any travel inContinue reading “Review: Campfire (5e)”

Slaying the Scheduling Dragon

Finally – you’ve found a good group of friends to play D&D with! You have a willing and able DM! Everything’s great for a month or two….maybe three….and then it starts: “Sorry team, I can’t make it this week.” And then, “Folks, I’ve got a lot going on right now, I need to take aContinue reading “Slaying the Scheduling Dragon”

The Unrepeatable Success of Critical Role

Critical Role is the most popular Actual Play series of D&D in the English language. It’s rise perfectly tracks the current resurgence and boom of D&D – the point where it’s hard to even separate the fates of the two. Did one spur the other? Is it the other way around? Does it even matter?Continue reading “The Unrepeatable Success of Critical Role”