Let’s Create a Cult – Followers of the Black Glade

To get a taste of what you can create with The Ultimate Guide to Remarkable Cults & Their Followers, let’s use their cult creation tables to create a unique cult. This will give you a really good sense of how detailed and comprehensive this books is when it comes to cult creation! Step 1: OrganizationContinue reading “Let’s Create a Cult – Followers of the Black Glade”

Let’s Generate a Short Adventure

A quick setup for a one-session adventure for a sci-fi setting It’s getting late. Your regular GM needed the week off, and you said you’d take over for a one-shot – but you were just too busy to find something. You need an adventure, fast. Or at least, fast enough. Everyone said they wanted someContinue reading “Let’s Generate a Short Adventure”

Let’s Build a Heist, Part 3

Running the Heist Now that everything was prepped, it was time to Do the Thing – run the heist. Immediately upon understanding the task at hand, the players started to plan. Within seconds – and many experienced GM’s can see this immediately – analysis paralysis started to form. Multiple players started trying to plan forContinue reading “Let’s Build a Heist, Part 3”

Let’s Build a Heist, Part 2

Now that we understand what a heist is, and how we want it to work in-game, let’s flesh out the heist a bit. Location Of course we need the heist to actually be somewhere. The story is that there is a shipment of magical weapons coming into town, so the logical choice is a warehouse.Continue reading “Let’s Build a Heist, Part 2”

Let’s Build a Heist, Part 1

My players have found themselves with an opportunity – to steal a shipment of magical weapons, denying the power-hungry mayor of Dulwich a chance to shift the balance of power in the town in his favor. The local guilds and he are at odds of late. The PCs have had some unpleasant personal experiences withContinue reading “Let’s Build a Heist, Part 1”